First State Global Infrastructure

Our First State Global Infrastructure (“the Fund”) provides investors with high liquidity, easy access and diverse exposure to the global infrastructure market which is strongly driven by the structural drivers of globalisation, urban congestion, government underinvestment, changing economic environment, energy security concerns and emerging market growth. The Fund invests in the several sub-sectors of the broad infrastructure sector including toll-roads, rail, airports, ports, water, gas, and electricity, energy infrastructure, and communications infrastructure.

Global Listed Infrastructure Q1 2016 Update

Videos | May 26, 2016

Peter Meany, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Securities and Trent Koch, Portfolio Manager provide an update on the fund's performance throughout the first quarter.

Why invest in Global Listed Infrastructure?

  • Over the past decade global listed infrastructure has delivered higher returns than global equities with a lower level of risk. These highly attractive risk-adjusted returns have been underpinned by assets with high barriers to entry, strong pricing power, predictable cash flows and sustainable growth.
  • The nature of infrastructure assets means they are typically able to increase prices in line with inflation, providing a stable and growing distribution yield over time.
  • Infrastructure can offer diversification benefits to an investment portfolio. Underpinned by structural growth and inflation protected income, global listed infrastructure has delivered higher returns with lower risk than global equities.


Experienced team, established process

  • Our Global Listed Infrastructure Securities team combines specialised knowledge with a globally consistent, disciplined investment process that is solely focussed on infrastructure. First State Investments has a long history of infrastructure investment, with investments in direct infrastructure since 1994.
  • We are pragmatic in our approach to investing and seek to exploit market inefficiencies by combining attractive value with superior quality characteristics. The Fund employs an active, bottom-up security selection process that aims to exploit market inefficiencies. The team also makes more than 500 company visits each year to ensure right stock selection decisions.
  • We believe best investment ideas should create a portfolio not a benchmark. We target stocks where the market underestimates the level and quality of sustainable free cash flows. Through this, we seek to earn excess returns by employing a rigorous stock selection process – leading to high conviction stock positions – with strict portfolio management risk controls.
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