Each year around the Lunar New Year, factories in China switch off production and close up shop for the Spring Festival period. Factory workers who had left their rural hometowns in search of better wages in cities travel home en masse for the celebrations. With three billion trips expected to be...
Unsere Corporate RI-Strategie basiert auf den drei strategischen Säulen Qualität, Stewardship und Engagement. Wir sind bestrebt, alle relevanten Informationen zu nutzen, einschließlich der Frage, wie Unternehmen mit Umwelt-, Sozial- und Governance-Themen (ESG) umgehen.
Over the last 11 years, carbon emissions from the US electricity sector have declined dramatically. This has been driven by (1) state based renewable energy targets (2) renewable and natural gas-fired generation becoming cheaper than coal and more recently, (3) investors’ behaviour – favouring co...
We believe individuals and teams are best placed to meet their potential by working collaboratively, particularly in today’s interlinked and fast-paced global financial markets.
Is the investment ecosystem ready to meet the needs of the next generation of investors?
It has been 40 years since Mr Deng Xiaoping embarked on his ambitious market-based reform program and began to open up China’s economy. Since then, China has been transformed; while there have been stops and starts on the way, China was one of the fastest-growing countries in the world over the p...
Forget talk of avocado toast and endless selfies, writes Will Oulton, asset managers and advisers need to wake up to the fact millennials will look to responsible investing as ethics drive their financial choices.
The North American railroad sector continues to undergo transformational change, but the execution is not without risk. These companies are overhauling what have been described as ‘dense spaghetti networks’. In this update Senior Analyst Jessica Johnson shares her insights following two weeks spe...
Global Listed Infrastructure held up better than global equities during December’s turbulent market conditions. The FTSE Global Core Infrastructure 50/50 index fell -3.4%, while global equities^ dropped by -7.4%.
Infrastructure and utilities are at the epicentre of global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Allocating capital appropriately within this space can effect meaningful change in working towards a two degree scenario.
This letter forms the first in a series designed to introduce and explain our approach to sustainability, and the lessons learned so far. We hope that these reflections, drawing on the team’s combined experience, will provide a useful insight.
The proposed new national industry body would lead projects on behalf of members, including working together on a national strategy and targets, providing a strong voice with government, and educating consumers about appropriate disposal and recycling.
A decade of experience in responsible investment has taught us that individuals and the wider industry’s views on sustainability/ESG are constantly evolving.
An important part of our approach has been the work of our climate change working group which concluded its research earlier this year.
As stewards of our clients’ assets, we have a duty to manage a wide range of risks on their behalf.
The Stranded Assets Working Group (SAWG) was formed in December 2013 and is comprised of investment professionals from the ESG Committee to assess risks associated with potential fossil fuel asset stranding.
The work we have done on climate change is described on our website. The issue is having real investment implications today which we believe will continue into the future. However, as we have described previously, the focus on carbon footprinting is potentially missing significant risks in portfo...