Reports and Policies

Our responsible investment strategy is founded on a strong governance framework, A key part of good governance are policies which set clear expectations for our people. Transparency is also an important component of good governance as it allows our clients and other stakeholders to hold us accountable.  Below you will find links to download our past reports and current policies. 

We welcome any feedback or questions on this or any aspect of our responsible investment work. To contact our responsible investment team please click here.

Responsible Investing Annual Reports

CFSGAM – Internal Governance and Stewardship Report (FSC Std 23)

2018 - RI & Stewardship Report

2017 -  RI & Stewardship Report

2016  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2015  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2013  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2012  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2011  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2010  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2009  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2008  -  RI & Stewardship Report

2007  -  RI & Stewardship Report


These documents contain information which is no longer up to date. As such, it is maintained on the website solely for informational purposes to provide historical information. The document should not be relied upon, including for the purposes of an investment decision. We recommend you seek professional investment advice before making a decision to invest.