Our people are our key success factor as we continue to work towards our vision of being a world class global asset manager that delivers superior investment performance, acts at all times in our client’s best interests and is a global leader in responsible investment and stewardship.

To support the long-term sustainability of our business, and in accordance with our focus on responsible investment, we have an ongoing emphasis on diversity and inclusion. We recognise that a more diverse workforce is important for the continued development of our business; we need to attract, employ, retain and develop individuals who bring a wide range of perspectives, encourage new and different ways of thinking, challenge each other and at times challenge the established status quo.

Working with us

First Foundation and Giving Back to our Communities

We actively support employees who want to give time and money to their communities. Our charitable foundation, First Foundation, is employee driven, encouraging staff to give back in their local communities. We select and donate to the charities which are nominated by our staff. We also provide time out for employees to volunteer, and we match any donations they make to First Foundation charities.

Commitment to Improving Diversity

We have policies and programs in place to support and foster diversity of thought. We are committed to improving the gender balance and enabling different ways of working.
An example of this, we recognise the important role parents play in our society and the particular needs they have in starting or growing their family. We endeavour to support our employees and their parental responsibilities by offering a parental leave programme that is gender neutral, providing 18 weeks paid leave, a parental coaching programme to support return to work and managing a career as a working parent.

Regional Employment Benefits

To enhance our employee offering we acknowledge the contribution our employees make and offer benefits specific to the regions we have a presence. These including flexible work arrangements, an employee share acquisition grant, medical and health insurance options, corporate discounts and wellness programs.

Learning and Development

Further education is valued by our organisation, we encourage our employees to develop in their careers and gain industry recognised professional qualifications and memberships such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. In addition we offer onsite training programs and an in-house learning and development curriculum.

International Mobility

As we operate in a global marketplace, we offer our employees the opportunity to develop their career through international relocations. Working in different countries encourages the free exchange of ideas and provides employees exposure to different ways of working and new markets.