We aim to outperform the returns of the Australian money market while ensuring capital preservation through an actively managed portfolio of short-term assets.

Short-term Investments - Liquidity plus optional return enhancement

  • Australia's largest cash investment manager with experience across the spectrum of short-term investments
  • Three stage process with ‘value for risk’ approach
  • Stable team with an average 25 years of experience

Why Short-term Investments

Highly experienced team who are the largest in the Australian market.
We believe fixed income and credit markets are sometimes inefficient because market participants approach investing with different time frames and motivations. By adopting a longer-term viewpoint, we are able to take advantage of short-term price movements to seek value for clients.


How we do it

Our strategy is based on a ‘value for risk’ approach. This approach is founded on the careful evaluation and measurement of risks to make sure clients are being compensated.

We employ a three-stage process: strategy formulation; portfolio construction and implementation; and portfolio monitoring and risk management. We actively manage the portfolios, incorporating a detailed macro understanding of factors driving money market yields.

Other key characteristics of our investment process include quantifying each asset's risk characteristics and monitoring markets to determine available opportunities.

Assessment of environmental, social and governance factors is incorporated in internal credit ratings assigned through our credit research process. This rating is used to assess relative value when compared to other issuers.

Our team

Led by Tony Togher, we consist of five specialists based in Sydney with an average of 25 years of industry experience.

We are supported by our global credit research team of 21 personnel and insights from other fixed income teams through the global investment platform Investment Opinion Network (ION). We are the largest cash investment manager in the Australian market, with extensive experience in managing risk across the spectrum of short term investments (money-market and cash).

Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.
In the Short Term Investments space, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) assessment most often comes through its impact on the internal credit rating (ICR) provided by the Credit Analysts via our Credit Research process.

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