We aim to deliver specific risk and return objectives by designing and implementing multi-asset and multi-sector portfolios that dynamically adjust to reflect economic expectations and market developments.

Multi-asset Solutions – tailored portfolio solutions

  • Investment process blending quantitative analysis and qualitative experience across a broad set of markets and financial instruments
  • Objective-based portfolios designed to meet client requirements regarding liabilities, investment goals, risk perception and tolerance
  • Stable team with deep expertise through a range of market conditions

Why Multi-asset Solutions

As client needs become more specific and complex, many are looking beyond traditional balanced portfolios. We have been delivering customised portfolio solutions to institutional clients since 1995, and our investment solutions now range from traditional asset allocation through to benchmark unconstrained absolute return strategies.

How we do it

Multi-Asset Solutions’ investment philosophy is based on the belief that markets are inefficient over the short-term, that fundamental valuations are the most important driver of returns over the long run, and that investment decisions should be taken with respect to the overall portfolio objective.

We aim to deliver on our clients’ return objectives through asset allocation. The asset allocation must reflect economic expectations while dynamically adjusting to market developments. It must also systematically exploit market inefficiencies by focusing on key fundamental drivers of returns.

Our investment process blends disciplined quantitative analysis with qualitative industry experience across a broad opportunity set of markets and financial instruments.

We start the process by assessing various return drivers to determine expected levels of return, and rank the universe. The process then considers the investment objectives, including returns, income, tax and risk.

Finally, the portfolio is constructed by combining insights from the asset return models with qualitative considerations and efficient implementation of the portfolio positions.

We work with clients to integrate ESG considerations into their portfolios as required to meet their investment objectives.

Our team

Led by Epco van der Lende, we consist of eight multi asset specialists, based in London, Singapore and Sydney, averaging 6 years of experience.

We are responsible for research, portfolio construction and implementation, working collaboratively with clients to seek to deliver robust and consistent investment solutions.

Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.
As global multi-asset investors, we partner with our clients to provide solutions that maximise the probability that they will achieve their investment objectives. We assess our client needs based on three key criteria: risk tolerance, investment horizon and return ambition level. We utilise third party monitoring services for our direct holdings.

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