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Long-term through specialist EM debt and Asian fixed income strategies based on extensive macroeconomic research combined with detailed bottom-up analysis of credit issuers and countries.
Highly diversified global corporate bond portfolios, which capture the credit premium offered in the market while avoiding permanent capital loss.
We find that companies and governments that manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks poorly typically manage other risks poorly. While it can be challenging to integrate ESG factors into fixed income investing – we strive to systematically consider ESG factors as part of our invest...
Most carbon footprint methodologies take a straightforward perspective. They focus on direct emissions from owned or controlled sources, plus emissions from the generation of purchased energy. This approach can lead to assets appearing carbon friendly, despite a close association with substantial...
Investing in small, mid-cap and large cap companies located in Asia-Pacific countries including China, China A-shares, global emerging markets, India and Japan. Our focus is on finding value with a view to holding companies over the long term.
We currently have groups looking at the potential investment implications of climate change and inappropriate executive remuneration, both of which are expected to complete their work soon.
Our survey has established where employees have the strongest (and least) conviction on a range of potential beliefs statements. We have also evaluated the coherence of beliefs in terms of the degree of consistency and uniformity i.e. the extent to which individuals in a group share beliefs.
The main objective is to bring business leaders together to share knowledge about the challenges they face in relation to plastic packaging waste and to brainstorm ideas for how they can work together to improve the situation
Direct and active ownership of real world assets delivering essential services for the long-term.
Delivering risk and return objectives by designing and implementing multi-asset and multi-sector portfolios
Our investment process include quantifying each asset's risk characteristics and monitoring markets to determine available opportunities.
We seek to construct portfolios with minimum yield and liquidity requirements, focusing on the sustainability of cash flows as well as overall issuer quality based on a company’s assets, management and business strategy.
Supported by a well-resourced team, our Australian fixed income team has deep Australian market expertise and a flexible approach through both active and passive strategies.
A systematic equity manager that manages strategies across market cap weighted indices, smart beta and active quantitative strategies. One of Australia's longest track records within smart beta and intelligent implementation.
A rigorous and active investment process and local property market expertise allows the team to balance global economic and capital market conditions with domestic property market trends.
The Global Listed Infrastructure strategy combines direct company contact with proprietary research, a consistent valuation framework and a comprehensive 25-point quality assessment. This structured process seeks to reduce bias and support repeatable investment outperformance.
We aim to deliver a smoother returns profile and higher income than the broader share market by using fundamental stock analysis, additional market intelligence and an active options strategy.
The Australian Equities (Small Cap) team focuses on companies with sustainable competitive advantages, strong financials and quality management, and predictable earnings.
In-depth industry, stock and valuation analysis is the foundation of how we identify investment opportunities. We believe that industry dynamics are key drivers of a company’s return on invested capital.
CFSGAM has release the 2018 Responsible Investment & Stewardship Report, coinciding with the launch of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia's (RIAA) Conference in Melbourne.
Climate change and global warming pose systemic risks to society and the global economy, with major impacts on the availability of resources, the price and structure of the energy market, the vulnerability of infrastructure and the valuation of companies.
The Stranded Assets Working Group is comprised of investment professionals from the ESG Committee to assess risks associated with potential fossil fuel asset stranding.
We believe individuals and teams are best placed to meet their potential by working collaboratively, particularly in today’s interlinked and fast-paced global financial markets.
While our various fixed income teams utilise distinct and independent investment processes, our 50+ investment experts located globally can nimbly work together to bring locally generated investment ideas to our global portfolios.
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