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A monthly review and outlook of the Global Listed Infrastructure sector.
First State Investments (‘FSI’), known as First Sentier Investors Australia, is the investment management business of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. We are a global asset manager with established offices across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific regions.
Japanese passenger rail volumes remain solid with the Rugby World Cup and Tokyo Olympics expected to provide continued support for the year ahead.
The Investment Report consolidates views from our investment professionals in order to provide you with a comprehensive insight into the current state of the financial markets and gain an understanding of the potential investment (and alpha) opportunities that exist in today's low growth environm...
Over the last few years, valuations have generally become expensive in our universe of quality companies. Valuations reaching these levels remind me of the mistakes I made running into the 2008 crash.
This article looks at the ownership profiles of different US infrastructure segments; and at the performance of those segments. It also discusses the ways that global listed infrastructure companies are providing solutions, and what impact President Trump may have on the sector.
The listed infrastructure sector in North America contains many world leading assets, operated by world class companies. This is captured in our Investment Process, with higher Quality scores for North American firms.
After many years of strong investment returns, 2018 was unfavourable for investors. The global listed infrastructure asset class[1] declined 4.0% in US dollar terms in 2018, outperforming the 8.7% fall by global equities[2] but lagging the 1.2% decline from global bonds[3] .The following article ...
Insulation from the effects of inflation is a key objective for many investors. Many pension and sovereign wealth funds specifically target long-term returns of CPI (Consumer Price Index) plus 5%.
In this travel diary Pablo Kohen, Senior Investment Analyst of Global Listed Infrastructure, shared his visits in the US and Canada attending industry conferences, and the meetings with management teams of railroad and pipeline companies. Please click to find out the latest sector trend and its i...
The essential service nature and large environmental footprints of infrastructure assets make sustainability considerations a vital part of doing business.
Florida is home to world leading infrastructure companies. The US state offers investors exposure to strong demographics, pro-business politics and sensible regulation. Sunshine State is more than just a reference to the weather.
The North American railroad sector continues to undergo transformational change. Implementation of Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) has resulted in a step-change in efficiency that has delivered exceptional improvements in company profitability and shareholder returns.
The latest instalment of our Infrastructure Travel Diary comes from Andrew Greenup, Deputy Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, who recently spent time in Brazil visiting infrastructure companies, assets, regulators and government bodies.
The latest instalment of our Infrastructure Travel Diary comes from Edmund Leung, Portfolio Manager of Global Listed Infrastructure team, who recently spent two weeks in Europe and the US where he met with infrastructure companies to discuss utility investment plans and investigate the underlying...
The latest instalment from our Infrastructure Travel Diary comes from Andrew Greenup, Deputy Head of Global Listed Infrastructure. View for more details.
The latest instalment from our Infrastructure Travel Diary comes from Rebecca Sherlock and Jessica Johnson,Senior Analyst and Analyst of Global Listed Infrastructure. View for more details.
In this travel diary Peter Meany, Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, explores the tangible value of time through three case studies of good infrastructure, including toll roads in Melbourne (Transurban), an airport in Tijuana and mobile towers in Dallas.
In this latest update on Asia Pacific equities, we provide some insights into our current portfolio positioning and a performance review of the regional Asia Pacific funds.
The latest Travel Diary from our Global Listed Infrastructure team comes from Andrew Greenup, Deputy Head of the Fund. Following a recent trip to Europe, he discusses current infrastructure trends across Paris, Rome, Madrid and London, as well as the implications for our portfolios.
In the latest of our Travel Diary series, Global Listed Infrastructure Analyst Jessica Johnson explores the changing engagement and corporate governance of Japanese companies.
The US economy has recovered from the 2015 ‘industrial recession’, energy markets are resurgent and Trump has inspired consumer and corporate confidence – it feels like these are the glory days for US infrastructure.
Here we look at Global Listed Infrastructure Securities trends over the past decade - and what the next decade may hold.