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About Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)

A KIID is a two-page document that sets out the essential characteristics of a fund or share class necessary for an investor to understand the nature and the risks of the fund being offered prior to investment. There are different share classes available for each fund and KIIDs are produced for each share class. The Supplementary Information Document (SID) should also be read in conjunction with the KIID which provides further details on the funds.

Soft/ Temporary closure of funds

Soft closing a fund to new investors is a means by which the size of a fund may be controlled either by discouraging inflows or by prohibiting subscriptions into a fund. For some of the sub-funds of First State Investments ICVC (the “OEIC”) this is done by imposing an initial charge of 4% on new subscriptions (excluding Regular Saving Plan investors). For some of the sub-funds of First State Global Umbrella Fund PLC (the “VCC”) this is done by the Directors providing instructions to the Administrator and Registrar not to accept new subscriptions (excluding Regular Saving Plan investors).

Find out more information below on soft closure and which First State funds this applies to.

Soft/ Temporary closure of funds

For information on UK tax changes impacting investors in the Bond Fund Range in the First State Investments ICVC please click here.

First State Investments ICVC (the “OEIC”) - dealing days and market closures

In the normal course, the OEIC is open for the issue and redemption of shares on every business day. However, investors in the OEIC should note that we have taken steps to allow a fund to be temporarily closed for dealings where a market to which that fund is exposed is closed for business. This flexibility may be used in the interests of all shareholders, for instance, where a fund has an exposure to a particular country and the stock exchanges in that country are closed for an extended local bank holiday period making it difficult to raise the liquidity needed to meet any redemption requests.