Direct and active ownership of real world assets delivering essential services for the long-term.

  • Invested in assets that are vital for economic activity; are mature with proven need and future demand; and are located in stable, developed countries with limited competition within their markets.
  • Experienced team with well-established investment philosophy and approach that has been tested in diverse market conditions for over 20 years
  • Hands-on governance and active management of investments to add value and mitigate risk

Why invest?

our approach

Get rare access to highly-sought after assets the world relies on
Infrastructure is the foundation of modern society and includes services like clean water, energy, roads, airports, ports and communications systems. By capitalising on the growing need for private sector infrastructure funding, this asset class offers investors the opportunity to benefit from long-term predictable income with capital appreciation. It can also provide defensive earnings streams, diversification from other asset classes and some inflation protection.  As one of the world’s largest infrastructure managers, we focus on core infrastructure, providing essential services in developed economies which often have monopolistic characteristics. We target mature, brownfield assets, with long-term transparent earnings, delivering stable cash flows and predictable returns.

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investment strategy

We actively add strategic and operational value through material ownership interests providing board representation                   

As long-term investors, our investment strategy is to manage a large enough interest, in many cases 100% ownership, to enable value-added contribution through engagement with management on a variety of levels from project teams to working groups through to sub-committees and board. This hands-on form of governance and oversight in relatively illiquid assets helps mitigate risk, enhancing potential risk-adjusted returns. Through direct and meaningful board representation and participation, the team provides strategic input on ESG issues, business strategy, operational and capital expenditure, capital structure and all other key drivers of value.

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Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.
We believe that proactive ESG management improves long-term investment returns and that adopting a responsible investment policy throughout our business is the only viable approach to the creation of sustainable long-term value. An ESG focus also ensures alignment with our clients' long-term interests, as well as the customers that rely upon the services being provided.

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Our Assets

An overview of the assets owned by the Unlisted Infrastructure team can be found below.

Investment Team

Since 1994, we have built out a well-diversified portfolio of assets in stable jurisdictions through a combination of on-market acquisitions, capex in existing assets and bolt-ons. Our team of 35 specialists based in Australia and the UK have been selected for their knowledge of operational management, investment skills and experience within infrastructure businesses (as at 31 January 2018). We are aligned with our clients through real return benchmarks, fee structures and remuneration.


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