Strategy Overview

Key Facts

Global Property Securities - On-the-ground analysis in the world’s most important property markets

  • Focus on capital preservation and a strong valuation discipline
  • Multiple global offices ensuring global reach and on-the-ground access to major property markets
  • Disciplined and rigorous investment process including transparent integration of ESG factors

Why invest?

Diversified exposure

Get a liquid and diversified exposure to real property assets
Investors looking for exposure to property markets can invest directly, or access new sectors and emerging niches of the property market through securities. Property securities are the shares of entities that own, manage and develop various types of property assets or are involved in property-related activities. We offer a diversified and liquid exposure to traditional types of property assets, as well as new and emerging property segments designed to satisfy specialist market demands.

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investment process

Our knowledge of capital markets, real estate and bottom-up stock selection uncovers new investment opportunities globally
We believe that real estate security returns are driven by a combination of local real estate fundamentals and broader capital market conditions. Due to the fundamentally localised nature of real estate, asset class returns across different regions have historically been characterised by low levels of correlation, and by a lack of uniformity. This phenomenon can lead to pricing anomalies – presenting opportunities to generate excess returns by capital allocation, and regional or stock selection.

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Property Specialists

Invest with true property specialists
We believe that having specialist property investors in each region is the most effective way to manage a global property securities portfolio. As such, the team’s highly experienced regional specialists are based across the world’s major property markets to provide on-the-ground research and knowledge that allows them to assess the risks and opportunities in the asset class. Under the leadership of Stephen Hayes, the global property securities team consists of seven portfolio managers and three analysts, all of whom are focused solely on investing in publicly traded real estate securities. They have a full understanding of stock specific endogenous risks, of the wider real estate market and of the macroeconomic conditions that can influence returns. On average, the team members have nearly 20 years of experience.

Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment

Our corporate RI strategy is based upon three strategic pillars of quality, stewardship and engagement.
We have implemented sustainability considerations into our investment process. We believe the consideration of ESG issues will lead to better risk/return outcomes, which will ultimately improve long-term returns for investors.
Corporate governance is a particular focus, where board independence as well as respect for shareholder rights is of paramount importance. We also consider any specific sustainability initiatives implemented by a company and the environmental impact of existing assets and developments. A company's history as a good corporate citizen is taken into account, as well as evidence of meaningful contributions it might have made to benefit society more broadly.

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(This is not classified as a green or ESG fund in Hong Kong)

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