Our equity income strategies combine income generation with some downside protection

We offer investors who have a long-term investment horizon a more conservative exposure to Australian shares, which seeks a better balance between the need for higher income, volatility management, and total return.

An equity income fund can help a range of investors:

We offer a fundamentally different approach to traditional equity income funds

Adopting a full coverage approach, we use fundamental stock analysis to search the entire investible universe for stocks likely to outperform the broader share market, regardless of each stocks’ dividend yield. Our focus on total returns targets strong risk adjusted returns and maximises income generation over the long term. This approach is in contrast to many of our peers who only focus on the traditional definition of ‘yield stocks’ to generate a higher income portfolio. No screening or tilting towards yield is carried out as we believe this type of investment process can adversely impact the investor’s total return over the long term. We believe that by extending the analyst’s research to selectively implement option positions on the underlying stocks, our strategy can address near challenges to increase the proportion of returns delivered as income and provide a smoother return profile.

We influence companies towards ESG best practice

We believe there is a correlation between companies with good governance practice and strong, sustainable returns to shareholders. Our company assessments include criteria related to practice, commitment and disclosure of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Where we feel improvements can be made, we will develop engagement strategies with our Responsible Investment team that can flow into our proxy voting and investment decisions.

Our specialist team have managed equity income funds together for over a decade*

Our equity income team comprises three dedicated portfolio managers who each have specialised derivatives expertise – and undertake derivatives related research in the equities market – as part of their portfolio management responsibilities.

The portfolio managers are supported by a large group of equity analysts with a proven track record of fundamental bottom-up stock research.

  • Rudi Minbatiwala – Senior Portfolio Manager (2000/2000)*
  • Jason Moodie – Senior Portfolio Manager (1998/2000)*
  • Marlon Chan – Portfolio Manager (2007/2007)*

*(Years in industry/Years at CFSGAM). As at 31 January 2018.