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#The Fund is a sub fund of Ireland domiciled First State Global Umbrella Fund Plc. First State Global Umbrella Fund Plc, being the responsible person of the Fund, has appointed First State Investments (Singapore) (“FSIS”) as its Singapore representative.

Distributions are not guaranteed and may fluctuate. Past distributions are not necessarily indicative of future distribution. Any distributions is expected to result in an immediate reduction of the Net Asset Value per unit.

M Dist represents share class with monthly distribution of dividends. 

H Dist represents share class with half-yearly distribution of dividends. 

A Dist represents share class with annually distribution of dividends.

Q Dist represents share class with quarterly distribution of dividends.

Fund performance data is sourced from First State Investments. Single pricing basis with net income reinvested. The above performance data is provided for information only and does not contain or constitute investment advice. A copy of the Prospectus is available and may be obtained from the Manager, First State Investments (Singapore), or any of our distributors. Investors should read the Prospectus and consult a financial adviser before deciding to make any investment. In the event of discrepancies between the marketing materials and the Prospectus, the Prospectus shall prevail. The value of the Fund and the income from them, if any, may fall or rise. Past performance of the Fund or the Manager and any economic and market trends or forecast, is not indicative of the future or likely performance of the Fund or the Manager. Neither the Manager, nor any of its associates, nor any director, or employee accepts any liability for any loss arising directly or indirectly from any use of this information. Units are not available to U.S. persons.