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First State Investments has adopted the European MIFID Template ("EMT") to capture target market and costs and charges information for our products. To receive a copy of the EMT for our UCITS products, please fill out your details below.

For a copy of the EMT for our non-UCITS range, the European PRIIPs Template ("EPT") or if you have any queries, please contact

Target Market Assessment (“TMA”) information is available for products manufactured by the following First State entities: First State Investment Management (UK) Limited, First State Investments International Limited and First State Investments (UK) Limited. We intend to supply TMA information via a third party service provider. We will provide your contact details to this provider for this purpose. The TMAs provided are the potential target markets based on the manufacturer’s assessment. Distributors must make their own assessment of the actual target market based on the needs, characteristics and objectives of their clients. The manufacturer is not responsible for the distributor's actual TMA. Provision of the TMA does not imply registration of funds or share classes in all jurisdictions. The target market assessment has been conducted from a home state, standalone perspective and does not take into account local jurisdiction laws and regulations. Please note: the “Client Objectives and Needs” section of the TMA has been conducted at fund strategy / investment objective level, in line with the latest Investment Association guidance.

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