This collection of research by the Multi-Asset Solutions team contains views and insights that are relevant to investors facing the challenge to meet their objectives in a volatile environment, marked by a combination of low interest rates, low inflation, moderate economic growth, and risk-on risk-off investment sentiments.

Our extensive experience in working with institutional asset owners, which include some of the world’s largest strategic investors, pension and insurance funds and sovereign wealth funds, have given us significant insight and practical appreciation of the challenges they face. Some of these challenges include:

    • ensuring sufficient funding of pension or insurance liabilities
    • meeting spending objectives or income needs
    • incorporating tailored notions of risk and ways to de-risk 
    • managing the impact on the corporate balance sheet
    • ensuring consistency of day-to-day management with the long-term investment strategy

While we explore different aspects of designing and implementing investment strategies, the underlying question we try to answer remains the same; how do we best serve the underlying purpose of the assets in today’s environment? We believe the dominant determinant of a long-term outcome is the strategic asset allocation. It is critical that investors get this right from the very beginning of the investment planning process and as a result, we put a lot of emphasis on this subject in our solutions.

In addition, we constantly explore the various building blocks to designing a robust, active and outcome-oriented implementation programme with a focus on consistency of process, comprehensiveness of analysis and efficiency.

We hope our research will provide insight on the techniques and solutions available, to help you achieve your long-term investment objectives.