Investment Process

Our process emphasizes measurable standards and aims to deliver repeatability of performance through:

  • Combining the best attributes of a collaborative global investment platform and individual accountability, with an emphasis on unconstrained idea-based investing which values diversity of opinion. We believe that continuous, free-form idea generation that is independent of an overarching “house view,” generates a diverse pool of uncorrelated alpha sources that, when compared and measured, deliver superior outcomes.
  • Our belief that long-term, repeatable investment performance is achievable when quality control methods are applied to each element of an investment process. Without measurable standards, investment results lack sufficient transparency making repeatable results unlikely.
  • The advantage of our Investment Opinion Network (ION), a platform which draws together our network of investment capabilities worldwide, enables seamless tracking of our investment decisions and signals and an efficient exchange of investment ideas. It also provides the means for continuous measurement of each element of the investment process, ultimately benefitting our clients through greater transparency of performance and ongoing alignment.


Critically, ‘balanced risk’ does not imply low risk. The process described above is equally applicable to both high alpha and lower risk – enhanced passive – style portfolios.

A comparison between a conventional investment philosophy and our unconstrained process is shown below: